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A household may include yourself a spouse and any of your legal children under the age of 18!

Make up a user name and password (no spaces in the user name)

Put in your address and then the primary account holders information (must be over 18- Any individual over 18 besides a spouse, must create their own account and prove their own residency-Any grandparents living in the home must also create their own account)

To add an adult or child goto view account and enter their information.

After you have created your account, you MUST come into the registration office to verify your residency before you can use the online registration option! EVERY CALENDAR YEAR (if you own your home please bring in your Driver's license with the current address.  If you do not own the home, you MUST provide 3 proofs of residency ie: License, any current utility bill, car registration and/or insurance, pay stub, tax stmt., social security stmt., or medical insurance stmt.)   

Birth Certificate for children under 18 needed with new account setup!


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