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110 Front Street, Smyrna, TN 37167

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Assembly Hall, built between 1910 and 1915, is a two-story brick building that has served many purposes in Smyrna for over a century. The building located at 110 South Front Street has operated as a funeral home, grocery store, Sam Davis Lodge, City Hall, Courthouse, and church building. Assembly Hall served as a meeting site for the Sam Davis Lodge in the 1920s.

By early 1941, United States Air Force authorities were planning the Smyrna Air Base. It was evident that Smyrna was in for a boom. To cope with this new demand for city services and fire protection, the town fathers purchased it and present city hall and fire station from Walter King for $2,850.00.” (Smyrna: The Church, The Town by Walter King Hoover, 1968).

After Smyrna City Hall moved to Lowry Street, the building was leased to various groups, churches, and businesses until it was again used by the city as the Smyrna Court House in the 1980’s and 90’s. Once again, renovated and renewed, the Town of Smyrna is now using Assembly Hall as a meeting and event space for town citizens to enjoy in the Smyrna Depot District.

Main Room is 48'long x 22' wide, tiled floor 
(additional office space in the rear of building)
Maximum Capacity is 100 people per Fire Code (use of tables can reduce capacity space)

8 - 8' Tables 
75 Chairs approximately 
Parking spaces available in front of the building and a shared lot across the street. 

There is not a phone or internet service in the building.  
There is not a kitchenette. No open flames or chafing dishes are allowed. 
No alcohol is permitted.
Selling items for profits not allowed.


  • Assembly Hall
  • 110 Front Street
  • Smyrna, TN 37167
110 Front Street,Smyrna,TN,37167