Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center

Party Room 1

Party Room 1 closest to the pool facility.

Party Room 2

Party Room 2

Adventure Zone 1

Adventure Zone 1 Left Side (Ages 10 and up) Available for rental at a later date.

Adventure Zone 2

Adventure Zone 2 (Ages 4-10) - Right Side Available for rental at a later date.

Lecture Hall Area

Lecture Hall is area beyond the exhibit hall

Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center (SOAC) Field Trip

As a part of the Smyrna Parks and Recreation Department, the Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center programmers specialize in developing and presenting a variety of environmental educational, recreational and outreach programs for all ages. SOAC programs are geared towards bringing people inside to enjoy the activities, yet also getting them outside to experience any of the 10 parks within the Smyrna Parks system.