Special Events

Banner Application

The Village of Ossining offers two locations to display banners to advertise your event. You must complete an application. Banner permits are $25 for events in Ossining and $50 for events outside of Ossining.

Special Events in Ossining

The Village of Ossining celebrates special events. From community-based festivals, parades to athletic activities, the Village of Ossining is proud to host several events each year. Our goal is to enhance the vitality, quality of life, and economic prosperity of Ossining through the support of special events in our Village. On behalf of the Village of Ossining, thank you for contributing to our community's spirit and vitality through the presentation of your event.

Block Party

BLOCK PARTY (STREET CLOSURE): Street closures for a block party are organized special events held on a Village street where the entry and exit are closed to moving vehicular traffic. Applications for block parties shall be submitted to the Superintendent of Recreation and Parks for review by appropriate Village departments. The block party organizer shall notify all property owners/residents of the street(s) to be shut down of the terms of the proposed event and shall obtain the signatures of a ... (show more)