Pavilions and Fields

Riverside Sports Complex

Size: 1500 Capacity, Amenities: Rest Rooms, Umpire Room, Ticket Booths, Press Box, Media Box, Concession Stand, Locker Rooms, Party Decks, Bull Pens, and a Batting Cage.

Deleon Plaza

Deleon Plaza Gazebo is a historical gazebo located in the heart of downtown Victoria. It is the home of Bootfest and can be reserved for anything from a small wedding to a large special event. Electricity is available.

Hopkins Park

Hopkins Park Pavilion is a large wooden pavilion with 5 picnic tables, BBQ pit and limited electricity. There is a restroom, walking trail, playground and basketball courts at Hopkins Park.

Martin Luther King Jr. Park

Martin Luther King Jr. Park Pavilion is a metal pavilion with 5 picnic tables and limited electricity. The park also includes a playground and basketball courts. There are no restroom facilities at this park.

Ted B Reed Park

Ted B Reed Park Pavilion is a wooden pavilion with 3 picnic tables, restrooms, limited electricity and BBQ pit. Other amenities within the park are a playground, racquetball court, walking trail and basketball court.

Youth Sports Complex

The Youth Sports Complex consists of 5 softball fields (4 regular and 1 championship) and 7 baseball fields (6 regular and 1 championship). All fields include bull pens, a score board, and a score table. The championship fields include additional seating and a score-by-inning scoreboard. 5 baseball fields have portable mounds on them whereas 2 (fields 6&7) are traditional dirt mounds. Facility also includes restrooms, an umpire room and a concession stand.

Adult Softball Complex

Adult Softball Complex has 4 softball fields, concession stand and restrooms. These fields are typically reserved for adult leagues and tournaments.

Ethel Lee Tracy Park

Ethel Lee Tracy Pavilion has 4 picnic tables, a BBQ grill, restrooms and 3 electrical outlets.

Riverside Park

Community Center Park

Community Center Park is a large space that includes a splashpad, covered basketball or multi-use pavilion, restrooms, parking, skate park, the Youth Sports Complex, tennis courts, soccer fields, Adult Softball Complex and Victoria Community Center.

Mobile Stage

The Mobile Stage can be rented out for any special event to host an outdoor concert or performance (within city limits only).