BHHS Parking Pass Payments

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Program Notices

  • PARKING STICKERS must be permanently adhered to bottom left inside windshield MAY NOT be transferred to another vehicle PERMITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE MAY NOT be altered in any way LOST or STOLEN stickers are $100 Violators will be ticketed and may have parking privileges suspended
  • - If you need your sign on information, or if you didn't receive the copy of the receipt after you pay, email -Be sure to turn in the receipt copy along with the parking pass application to the BHHS main office at registration time in August.


Parking is a privilege available to Senior and Junior* students ONLY *A lottery drawing will determine Junior eligibility. At this time, only Seniors may apply and pay Prodedures for obtaining pass:

You will need to print attached application form and turn it into Laurie Mezey in the BHHS Main office along with:

-Driver's License

-Vehicle Registration

-Previous fines must be cleared

-A copy of the receipt you will receive from Community Pass (if you do not receive the receipt, email to get a copy of it) along with this parking pass application:  ParkingApplication2020-2021.docx.pdf

Be sure to review all the Parking Rules, a link for the rules will pop up upon checkout.

**Note, the eligibility below shows Grade 12 thru 12, this does mean 12th grade for the 2020/2021 school year**

Due to limited parking, at this time we are only able to offer one parking pass per family.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Grade:
  • 12 thru 12
  • Residency:
  • All
  • School:
  • Bloomfield Hills High School