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BHHS Parking Pass Payments **Only students with pre-approval can register**


Program Notices

  • PARKING STICKERS must be permanently adhered to bottom left inside windshield MAY NOT be transferred to another vehicle PERMITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE MAY NOT be altered in any way LOST or STOLEN stickers are $100 Violators will be ticketed and may have parking privileges suspended
  • - If you need your sign on information, or if you didn't receive the copy of the receipt after you pay, email ALewis@bloomfield.org -Be sure to turn in the receipt copy along with the parking pass application to the BHHS main office at registration time in August.


Parking is a privilege available to Senior and Junior* students ONLY *A lottery drawing will determine Junior eligibility.

You will need to print attached application form and turn it into Laurie Mezey in the BHHS Main office along with:

-Driver's License

-Vehicle Registration

-Previous fines must be cleared

-A copy of the receipt you will receive from Community Pass (if you do not receive the receipt, email ALewis@bloomfield.org to get a copy of it) along with this parking pass application:  ParkingApplication2020-2021.docx.pdf

Be sure to review all the Parking Rules, a link for the rules will pop up upon checkout.

**Note, the eligibility below shows Grade 11 thru 12, this does mean 12th grade for the 2020/2021 school year. At this time, only students granted eligibilty are able to register**

Due to limited parking, at this time we are only able to offer one parking pass per family.

If you do not yet know the vehicle that you will be driving yet, enter "TBD" when the system prompts you for that information.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Residency:
  • All